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Barry And Roger – Autopilotlead Platinum



Barry And Roger – Autopilotlead Platinum

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Auto Pilot Lead  is our automated chat agent solution that customers place on their websites to significantly reduce visitor abandonment. Simply create the script of questions for the agent to ask every visitor in effort for them to leave their contact information for follow up.

Double Click to edit this textThe system is designed to intelligently understand visitor responses and answer accordingly, either as a response to the agent question or if the customer interjects with a query. Additional features, such as agent rotation, keyword triggers and rotational response cycles, provides a real life experience for site visitors

This enables websites to retain 80% more of their website traffic and turn them in to hot leads.

Our Policies

A. Product Quality

  • We ensure that the quality of the course is good, and we update them regularly to help you keep update.
  • If there is a problem you can not use, please let us know so we can fix it soon or if there is any notification, we will inform you immediately.

B. Shipping Method

  • After receiving your payment, we will send you a link to access and download the course. If our team is not in the office, please wait for us about 8 hours to come back.

C. Refund Policy

We do not accept refund after you got the link and download the course.

  • We will refund your money in case of:
    1. Item is not as described
    2. Item doesn’t work the way it should
    3. Item support extension can’t used

Thank You For Shopping With Us 

Only $82  for My Course. What You Get with the Course:


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