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Nlp Power – Hidden Laws Of Attraction


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Nlp Power – Hidden Laws Of Attraction

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I turned over every rock until I mastered these skills, and they made amazing gains, giving me more far more in years than most people achieve in decades.

But there was one thing left.

One project that remained…. nagging me.

One ambitious goal that seemed at once insanely arrogant… yet utterly demanding my involvement.

An endeavor that terrified me…

My Final Project was to Influence Reality Through the Law of Attraction

I wanted to not just influence people… but events… the world… the fabric of reality itself.

I wanted to become more fortunate… powerful… in every possible way.

And that meant taking everything I had learned to the highest level…

Including psychology, spirituality, energetics, & magick, and cracking the code of what really makes reality move. And I succeeded.

If you want to learn how to do the same thing, I will reveal the answer to you right on this page.

First, let’s get something totally straight.

I’m not talking about literally going into “God-Mode” and melting buildings with your mind.

I’m also not talking about sitting and meditating until someone walks to your door with a bag of cash.

You will need to take action.

Both in mindset preparation, and in going into the world and engaging with the things that you want.

The difference is that when you use the Hidden Laws of Attraction that I’ve discovered, you pretty much line up all the elements into your favor… so it becomes so easy that it might as well have been handed to you.

Think of someone like Will Smith.

Definitely talented, works hard, and seems like a pretty nice guy.

But beyond that, he has had an extreme amount of luck and good fortune at his fingertips.

-> Becomes a famous rapper at age 17…
-> Becomes a famous TV star at age 22…
-> Becomes a famous movie star at age 27…

Then continues to go between rap star and movie star (with no gaps in time), all the way into his 50’s, with no end in sight at the time of this writing.

Yes, he had some ups and downs in life, but there’s no question he’s been riding the Golden Escalator through life in a way that almost no one has, even in Hollywood.

His little setbacks would have been enough to ruin many careers like his, but they ended up being tiny distractions that ultimately didn’t matter.

THAT is what I want to teach you. And make no mistake, Will Smith has openly discussed his mastery of the Law of Attraction throughout his life.

And as much as I’d love to sit and interview him, I don’t think he even knows half of what he’s doing to influence reality like he does.

But from studying COUNTLESS people like him, I’ve very quickly found that there is a unique pattern that you must follow to get even close to that “golden touch.”

To Persuade the Universe, You Must Either Make the Ultimate Partnership or the Ultimate Con

See, the Universe is not simply a person you can fool with hypnosis tricks and NLP.

The Universe is with you all the time. It sees your thoughts. It knows your doubts… your lies, both to yourself and others.

And if you slip just once… just once… it will not respect you.

In my darker, “Darth Snyder” days… I would have fantasized about running the ultimate con-job on reality itself… fooling the Universe to move things my way.

But I chose partnership instead.

Peace with the Universe… with reality, with God… or whatever you want to call the origin of all-that-is.

And this is a much simpler… much easier… and much more rewarding way to do it.

It means you don’t have to fool anyone, especially not yourself.

See, most Law of Attraction teachers teach you to make up lies about reality and then project them on both your subconscious and the outer world.

Saying affirmations like “I am so happy and grateful to have so much money!”

Or visualizing a hot girlfriend that doesn’t exist.

And that CAN work. But it usually doesn’t.

Instead, I found a way where you can be in full alignment with yourself, with true integrity… and which gets you results at a shockingly fast rate.

The 3 Steps to “Hacking” the Universe And Manifesting Your Dreams

I’m very proud to say I’ve put together a system of the most powerful, unknown manifestation techniques in the world… all in one place for you.

To be honest, you could just focus on just a few of them and watch your wealth, relationships and happiness get better by 1000%.

They all come down to three steps:

1. Control Your State
2. Gain Rapport With The Universe
3. Submit Your Request for Your Wish

Let’s break this down a bit.

People who have worked with me know that I treat controlling your state, mood, and energy as one of the most important skills you can master.

It’s why I’ve focused so much time on improving my teaching of this aspect. (Even compared to a year ago, my techniques for teaching this have gotten stunningly better).

This is more than just feeling good (though that is essential for manifestation).

It’s about dropping blocks to deservedness, evaporating guilt, and skyrocketing your ability to take action in a fun, enjoyable way.

The next step is Gaining Rapport With the Universe.

This is where you literally connect with all-that-is so you can start making changes in what the Universe has laid out for you.

It’s like going into a computer’s mainframe and starting to delete or change “core” files. If you’ve ever tried to do this on a normal computer, you’ve most likely ran into an error message like “Essential File. Cannot Delete.”

And it’s exactly the same with changing the “source code” of the Universe. This is for GOOD REASON.

If you start making changes without knowing what you’re doing, you can unleash holy hell on yourself (and everyone else).

But when you’re in the proper mental, emotional, and energetic states, and know EXACTLY what you want, and are certain you deserve it, then you can use the “keys” to start making changes.

That leads to the last step… submitting your request.

And this has to be done in a very specific way, or your request will be denied or you’ll even get the reverse of what you asked for.

The Hidden Laws Use Polynesian  Mysticism, Hermetic Magick, Kabbalah, and Other Never-Seen Methods of Attraction

One of the biggest complaints I had when studying the Law of Attraction was… everyone taught the same thing.

Whether it was 2006’s The Secret, the books by Abraham-Hicks, or the original New Thought books from the 1910’s, it all came down to the same idea of thinking positive, and feeling as if you already got the thing you wanted.

And that’s great.

But it just doesn’t work well enough. Not for most people.

It turns out, however, that there was a whole treasure trove of manifestation teachings that 99% of seekers have no idea about.

These are rare spiritual and energetic techniques that come from Hermetic Magic, Hawaiian spirituality, even Ninja hand symbols…

These all can dramatically influence your reality… and in ways and methods you would have never thought of, even if you spent decades researching it.

Somehow, I was able to not only discover these hidden modalities, but synthesize them into a simple and easy practice that brings gifts from the Universe to you in record time.

When I first started practicing some of these techniques, I felt a bit funny about them, because some are rather unusual…

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