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Roger CPA – Elite Course Package


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Roger CPA – Elite Course Package

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We’re excited to announce the launch of SmartPath, a data-driven platform that provides targeted recommendations on where and how to focus your efforts by comparing your performance to those that have passed the CPA Exam.

Students with the Elite Course Package don’t leave anything to chance when preparing for the CPA Exam. These students launch their studies armed and ready with the essential key course components, increased flexibility, supplemental study tools plus a fully guided final review. This is the top choice among our firm partners, and offers the highest value to CPA Exam Candidates.


Plain and simple, we teach our students. Before diving into practice questions, it is essential that students first learn and understand the concepts. With the guidance of the industry’s top CPA Exam experts, we have created a proven system to help students learn and retain the concepts necessary to pass the CPA Exam.


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